I wanted to share a few examples of what happened to me so far during burn out. Feels scary how tricky the brain can be… I normally have a very good memory, like an elephant I would say and I am a very organized person.

Now, I think about something and forget to do it a second later and I know I have so many things on my “to do list” but I cannot put myself together to do it.

Below examples just show that something happens to the brain while having a burn out….

* I washed the car and somehow when I picked it up, all windows were open, which means the car was wet inside…

* My husband called me because he needed a hand as he bought too much grocery. Well I went by feet instead of by car…

* I went to the gym and forgot to bring my tennis shoes…

However, last Friday, my daughter had a friend for the night. She threw up everywhere. I thought I could not manage this stress since my burn out, but I actually took it very calmly and it actually gave me quite a feeling of satisfaction that I was able to handle it and comfort this little girl without panic.

So my lessons learned of the day:

  • Try to have small feelings of accomplishment to make you feel you are still worth it. When having a burn out, your self esteem is damaged and you need to do everything to get it back.
  • Don’t be too impatient.  I went shopping with the family and suddenly felt deasy, sweating and I needed to go home right away. So one step at a time. Better one forward than two and then three backwards. Learn to get to know your new limits.