It has been more than a week since I got my burn out officialized. Well, yesterday my psychologist still mentioned that I was still way too high speed and that I replaced work with other stuff as social media, exercising intensively, etc… and I did not let my body relax as it should now. She said I was still running under adrenaline which is why I still felt so good, but that in reality, my body was still under attack due to stress… I can actually confirm this. Just had a massage this morning and I actually felt really bad after it….My body reacted…

My problem is, I have no clue how to relax. I have always been a very busy person privately and professionally. So time for me to learn and hopefully help others to relax as well. Also really want my kids to learn how to relax because the pace will increase even more in the future I believe, they need to learn how to retreat.

So my lessons learned of the day:

  • Try to use applications as mindfulness/calm that help you to relax a few minutes a day
  • Try to avoid being too much on social media and leave your phone once in a while
  • Use the nature to go back to the roots
  • Sleep as much as possible
  • Exercise but do not run a marathon, just enough to create endorphins
  • Danse and listen to music
  • Avoid multi tasking, one thing at a time
  • Have a massage
  • Do things that are good for you and make you happy
  • When it comes to kids, do whatever works at the moment, no need to be over ambitious. Your kids need you and for them it is enough that you give them full attention and do not do another thing at the same time as listening to them and remember to hug them as it feels so good. They will not suffer from it, if you one day need to order food as you do not manage to cook, or if they have to wear the same clothes twice because you did not manage the laundry.