Tomorrow, a new year will begin and that means a chance for a fresh start. The difficult part in my recovery from burnout is to find out whether I am back on track already or not.

I feel that I am clearer on how my life has to change for the better and that will be my new year resolution for 2015. I have a plan on how to improve my daily life by having a clear schedule for resting, exercising, working, cooking, family time, “me” time and on how to avoid stressful situations that can be avoided beforehand.

I am now back in control of my emotions, I actually would even say I feel happy as I feel releaved of having put a break to all the chaos in my head.  I am aware that I am much more tired than before and I am learning to listen to what my body tells me. I even think my head is working again as it should. Sleep was really what I needed. I had not slept so much for years. Crazy how such a basic thing can be so important for one’s well being.

Now, my worry is how will it be when I will go back to work?  Just by thinking about it, scares me. Will I manage as before or will it be overwhelming right away? How will others react? Will I be the same? Have I solved all the issues related to my burn out? Or will it come right back at me?

One thing is to have improved my balance in life in general but what about the work environment itself? I guess not everything can be solved…still also depends on people around you. But if you can not change them,  I probably need to learn to live with it. That is what I feel I still need to work on…

But in the meanwhile I found this link on how to work productively and at the same time, avoid burn out:


Some good advices on how to organize a day.

So my lessons learned of the day:

  • You will be more productive by having regular breaks during your work time
  • Make sure you have solved all the issues that are related to your burnout before you come back.  Either by truly accepting to live with it, by having an open discussion about it, or by changing what can be changed.