As I have been off work for almost 2 months, I got the chance to work on my addiction to my mobile phone. It helped, that I did not have to check my work emails anymore… And you know what, it is AWESOME. I have my life back!

I was the one waking up and checking my mails as one of the first thing in the morning. On top of checking the different status on social media…

I was the one that could not put my kids to bed without my mobile phone.

I was the one spending an evening with my laptop in order to work, TV in the background and at the same time chatting on my phone. This even if I had a husband sitting next to me.

I was the one that constantly was checking on my phone if I had a message.

I was the one that needed to get messages to feel loved.

Well this is OVER now.

I am now the one that focus on the different moments I am having during the day.

I am the one enjoying putting my kids to bed, read them a story or have a talk.

I am the one able to have diner where we all talk and laugh together.

I am the one controlling how my evening will be. No need to wait for anything to happen. I watch a movie now where I actually manage to follow what is happening. Or, I call a friend/family that I have not spoken to for long. Or, I just rest if I feel like it. Or I read. Or I actually manage to do some tasks.

I now open a good bottle of wine. Not because it helps me to relax, as it was the case before. But because I enjoy life!

I now meet with people instead. I have never seen as many friends and family as in the last two months. We have dinner, lunch or a cup of coffee. It is so nice to actually be able to see a smile, a tear, a true reaction. Be able to hug, laugh, instead of writing LOL, haha, or use those emoticons…

Well, I have gotten the control back and life is great!!

Check the below link. Quite inspiring.


And those quotes nail it down as well:

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So my lessons learned of the day:

  • Meet with people in real, not via a screen
  • Focus on what is happening now and you will enjoy life much more
  • Control your day, don’t let social media control you