So my first work week is over. The last two days…I worked from home, just emptying my inbox. I just had to save my energy whereever possible as I am alone for 2 days with the kids and I could simply not afford not to be able to manage everything at home.

Yesterday, I was so worried of my lack of energy, that I started to doubt if I have been too ambitious to push for going back to work so early. But my psychologist assured me that it is totally normal. I just needed to be patient. She mentioned that I might think that my head is working again, but the concentration simply requires more energy than before until I will be fully recovered.

That was in a way a releave. You know this vicious circle when you have no energy and it actually gets worse because you start thinking you will never be as before, you start to remember how much you were able to manage, and then here comes the downward spiral that makes you even more tired…

I decided to do something about it vs just waiting to feel better.


So today, I really took the resting seriously. I did a power nap. I did some meditation .

Ok on top of the resting, I also decided to spend one hour for myself, where I did some shopping. Feeling good outside can help feeling good inside.

I then went home with the kids and I asked them to support me in the daily tasks and that became a quality time for everyone.

  • They prepared their lunch box while I was preparing everything for the dinner. I had put everything on the table, two cutting boards, children friendly knifes, bread, butter, vegetables, pate, cheese and biscuits for their 3 o’ clock snack. They loved doing it.
  • I then asked them to put their plates in the dishwasher after dinner and help cleaning up the table. My son – who is for sure a future business man, always trying to get some money so he can save for some toys🙂 –  asked if he would get some financial reward for it. (I sometimes do that if they help for something as putting the laundry together). But that is part of a normal duty when we live together. So the answer was “no”🙂 But anyway, everyone helped without too much convincing.

And it paid off, I feel GREAT tonight. By learning to save energy whereever possible to do so, e.g. resting in between tasks, asking for help to my kids; we got a peaceful and joyful evening. That definitely gave me some additional energy: The feeling of managing a normal day.


So my lessons learned of the day:

  • Save some energy whereever possible so you can manage it when you really need it. This in return will give you additional energy because you will have this feeling of accomplishment.
  • Continue to ask for help especially in your close surrounding. At the end it is a win win situation as everyone will enjoy a fully functionning home