In the last few months I definitely asked myself why I always wanted to help others. I was lacking energy during my burnout so why would I spend it on others? Was it because I needed to be appreciated by others?

Yes I do want people to like me, but this is not why I am a helpful person. I am like this because it simply makes ME happy to make others happy. I am quite an empathic person and the world would be a better place if we all thought similarly. Just thinking about oneself is actually quite sad.

And who knows when you might need some help at some point?

Are you also someone that thinks that you only get something if you show authority, or by getting mad, or loud or by claiming, or complaining? Well, I believe that you should not be totally naive and let people use you but that you could reach so much more by being friendly.

So therefore I am a strong believer in “pay it forward ” and karma.

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Let me give you a few examples that could confirm this way of thinking:

  • I once helped a guy that forgot his mobile phone in Paris on his way back to Copenhagen. Everyone knows how lost one is when that happens . The airline did not want to help and many people flying with the next plane from Paris to Copenhagen did not want to take the risk of taking a phone on the plane from a stranger. Unfortunately with all the crazy things that happen in the world, people have become so skeptical . So the guys parents were trying for hours to find a solution . I decided to believe in the good in people and when I gave back his mobile phone , I got a free lift home and saved the cap.
  • Another day, I saw an older man hitchhiking . I decided to take him even if I was alone and a woman. I found out he was 72 years old. Quite cool to do that at his age…he had flowers and gave them to me. He said he picked them for the person helping him out. He works in an Italian restaurant as a pianist and told me to come and visit him there for a brunch.
  • Today, I went to a take away place to pick up some food. She had to climb a lader to get into the cellar to pick some stock but was terrified from heights. I asked if I could help out and I ended up with a rebate on my meal…

So what would happen if we would actually follow what is in the movie “pay it forward “? Challenge accepted?