A few weeks ago, I got a notification congratulating me on having this blog for a year now! How time flies and yet so many things have happened that year… A great opportunity to look back and draw the main conclusions, one year after the diagnostic of my burnout.

I work now in an even more stressful environment than before. (Did not expect this though :)) I have been working there for almost 6 months and I am doing fine. I believe the burnout changed the way I handle stress which makes it feasible to cope with. I have more distance to my job. Even if I sometimes have my old demons pushing me to work harder and harder to please people and to make sure they feel I am doing a good job…But in general I put my own limits because now I know what the consequences are if you don’t. This is not easy and it is important to be realistic.  So yes, sometimes I still need to work in the evenings,  potentially weekend but important is to regain balance after that. So there need to be breaks and rest.

I have no more issues with my memory, my capacity to focus and to concentrate. I have regained my energy level as well so I can do everything as I did before my burnout. However I listen to my body now which means that most of the evenings I fall asleep on the couch. But I accept it and don’t fight it. I know that this is how I regenerate. So yes, everything can go back to normal. Time heals as long as you accept to do something about your stress level and change your lifestyle.

What I am the most happy about is that I regained my happiness.  I am  grateful for my life. I love my family and I have to admit that I miss having more time with them. Even if I make sure now we have loads of quality time, I enjoyed being off for a while and to be able to pick up my kids early from school. The biggest lessons learned is the ability to enjoy and value the beautiful moments now and to recognize the good times from the bad ones.